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The Team

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Maureen Azor is the Executive Director of Operations at Conan Harris and Associates. With over 10 years of communications, marketing, and community-building experience, she brings a varied technical skill set. Maureen is focused on creating and executing effective strategies that focus on relationship management and community engagement.

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Janel Juba is a dedicated Workforce Development Consultant and passionate Inclusion Ambassador who excels in connecting individuals to their ideal professional pathways. Renowned for her skill in guiding students toward impactful opportunities, she boasts a wealth of experience in orchestrating, refining and ensuring the excellence of projects and events across the Education and Construction sectors.


Jacqui Conrad is a bilingual mission-driven chief marketing and communications executive consultant with over two decades of experience. She is a proven change leader with a sustained track record for advancing culture within organizations, building high performing teams for success, and creating measurable, integrated and value driven strategies that result in operational efficiencies, expanded brand awareness and increased engagement.


Luis Antonio Thompson is a Multi-discipilinary artist, photographer, and producer with a wide-ranging portfolio in television, film, podcasts, magazines, capital campaigns, and the web. Notable for crafting beverage recipes for prestigious NYC venues. Recognized in publications like Martha Stewart Weddings, The Huffington Post, and EBONY Magazine. Debuted a significant painting in Harlem Hospital's lobby in 2021. Dedicated to humanizing global cultures through solo travels and documentary work in West African countries.

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